CO9to25 Gaps Analysis Team

The purpose of the Gaps Analysis Action Team is to assess gaps in need and the availability of high quality prevention, intervention and treatment services and supports for Colorado youth.
We aim to share this data with CO9to25 Action Teams, leadership, and partners in graphically simple and easy to understand ways to mobilize partnerships and support alignment between resources and needs

The current goal areas for the Gaps Analysis Team are:

  1. Monitoring and addressing gaps in responses to the CO9to25 Foundational Survey
  2. Prepare regional data summaries of 2014 CO9to25 Survey data for use at regional meetings
  3. Reviewing Colorado data sources to identify initial big picture gaps in youth development

2014 Survey Results

Photo: CO9to25 Youth Service Organization Survey Results, 2014

Their next steps:

  • Digging into a variety of data sources to identify key gap areas that impact youth development in Colorado.
  • Developing a strategy for utilizing and sharing this data to assist with the “big picture” systems of CO9to25.

Get Involved

This Action team looking for new people to join our Action Team. If you like looking at data and finding out where youth resources and gaps exist across the state, our team will be a great fit for you!

Contact Becca Bolden ( or José Esquibel ( for more information.

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