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How to safely exercise their rights under the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments.

Dear teachers, LYRIC would like to thank you for inviting us into your classrooms to teach your students how to safely exercise their rights under the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments.  We know that your students have a wide range of talents, and for those who are artistically inclined, we invite them to participate in

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You could be the one to experience the amazing Voices of Change Photo Exhibit, RSVP today!

For the past two months, youth living at Urban Peak’s shelter have used photography to document their lives, challenges, and perspectives on the world. Join this unique group for the opportunity to see the world through youths’ eyes and engage in a dialogue about creating change. Youth Presentation: 6:30 PM Coffee, Wine, and Snacks Available

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Please join us in the celebration of Colorado’s Youth of the Year Finalist

Please join us in the celebration of Colorado’s most impressive young leaders. Hear from each of them about their journey and vision for the future.  Be with us as we  announce which one will represent Colorado at the regional event and which one will represent Colorado’s military later this year. 4:30 – 5:30 Meet and

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The Urban Youth Summit online registration is now open!!!

  The Urban Youth Summit online registration is now open. We’re in need of urban youth to lead, present, and participate in the 12 UYS sessions. If you know of urban youth organizations  focusing on the 12 UYS sessions please share (details are below). These organizations and youth can contact me directly for more information

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Submit your Nomination for Denver MBK (My Brother’s keeper) 25!

The City and County of Denver will be recognizing 25 organizations or individuals who have supported the work around the My Brother’s Keeper Initiative, making sure boys and young men of color in Denver are able to maximize their full potential. Nominees are unlimited and can include youth-serving or faith-based organizations, mentors, business owners, teachers,

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Youth Board applications now open! Apply to join Youth Roots Youth Board! Share with a youth please!

Hey you… want to change the world?? Apply for a spot on one of the Denver, Boulder or Philadelphia YouthBoards by April 11th! Yay! You are going to have a SPECTACULAR time filling this out! I just know it. Please fill it out completely. If you submit it and desperately need to change and/or add something,

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National Day of Action for a Bigger, Better, Peace Corps- March 3rd

March 3rd will mark the 12th year of the annual National Day of Action for a Bigger, Better Peace Corps. Here are three ways to get involved with the Day of Action. 1. Come to Capitol Hill. 2. Visit Congress in your district. 3. Hold an event to spread the word. Get involved at

Changing the Narrative Summit for African American Males

FRI, MAR 18 AT 9:00 AM, DENVER, CO SAVE THIS EVENT FREEREGISTER Event Description The Changing the Narrative Summit is an event that will empower African American Males ages 13-18 to be the voice of their own story. Through positive connections with African American Males, engaging workshops and organic networking, this summit will prepare participants

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It’s Coming…The Urban Youth Summit, and you have to be there!

The Urban Youth Summit is for urban youth ages 16-21 and will be held on April 29, 2016 (see attached flyer). GOALS FOR THE URBAN YOUTH SUMMIT: -Provide an educational and safe place for urban youth to cross reference and cross pollinate their ideas, thoughts and visions into action plans to promote sustainable cities

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White Privilege Glasses: New Video Asks ‘Can You See White Privilege?’

The project, called “White Privilege Glasses,” comes from a Chicago-based seminary. Ever wish you could help White people recognize the privilege they enjoy and how it impacts people of color? A new video campaign from the Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS) aims to do just that. Called “White Privilege Glasses,” the video depicts a White man seeing

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