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Resources for Supporting and Promoting the Well-Being of LGBTQ Youth

Resources for Supporting and Promoting the Well-Being of LGBTQ Youth Youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning (LGBTQ) are overrepresented in foster care. These youth may experience discrimination and other negative outcomes while in care. This June, let the theme for this year’s LGBTQ Pride Month, “Solidarity Through Pride,” help guide attention

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Let’s talk about Fatherhood on Father’s Day Weekend… I know, it totally makes sense, so join us!

We are really excited to have partnered with Juneteenth – and partners on attached flyers – for this exciting movie screening and crucial conversation about Fatherhood on Father’s Day Weekend.  So, for those who come; in addition to entertainment, vendors and beautiful people; there will also be a conversation which is so important to the

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Sexual Assault Can Happen in Relationships, Too

Content warning: Abuse (physical, sexual), rape, sexual assault April is Sexual Assault Awareness month, a nationally recognized effort to draw attention to the fact that one in five women and one in fifty-nine men will experience sexual assault in their lifetimes. We often equate romantic relationships with consent — leading to the common misconception that

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Changing the Narrative Summit for African American Males

FRI, MAR 18 AT 9:00 AM, DENVER, CO SAVE THIS EVENT FREEREGISTER Event Description The Changing the Narrative Summit is an event that will empower African American Males ages 13-18 to be the voice of their own story. Through positive connections with African American Males, engaging workshops and organic networking, this summit will prepare participants

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GSA Leadership Summit

Please join us for the Denver-Metro Regional GSA Leadership Summit: February 27th 2016!   GSA Leadership Summit in Denver- Metro Area on February 27th!  One Colorado is hosting a GSA Leadership Summit for Denver-Metro LGBTQ students and adults passionate about creating safe, inclusive learning environments. This Summit is free and open to the public. These

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6 Ways to Start Fresh This Semester

  January 5, 2016 • By Her Campus, a global community for college women What’s our New Year’s resolution at Her Campus? Beyond acing organic chemistry, we want to help you make this semester way healthier than your last. Everyone knows college is stressful — and in between back-to-back finals, generous helpings of eggnog, and

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When it comes to sex and sexually transmitted infections, we want all teens to Know The Facts First. No fiction, just the facts.

OWH Director Dr. Nancy C. Lee announces a new campaign, Know The Facts First, aimed at providing teen girls with accurate information about sexual health, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and STI prevention so that they can make informed decisions.

What do student activists REALLY think about sex?

We’ve seen a lot of discussion of New York Magazine’s profile of sex at college – from “hookup culture” to affirmative consent education to online dating services. We wondered, what does a generation of youth activists committed to normalizing healthy sexuality think about it all?? So we asked them, and here’s what they said! “My

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Sandwiches for sexual health!

All October, Colorado Youth Matter is partnering with Olive & Finch for a fundraising month! Give yourself a night off from cooking, and come enjoy fresh and delicious food while supporting a great cause. Low on time? Order ahead and have your food delivered curbside! Just be sure to mention our name when you order, and

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Shame-Free Pregnancy Prevention

During Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, we hear plenty of statistics about the cost of teen childbearing for taxpayers as well as young parents’ poor educational and economic outcomes. These statistics draw much-needed attention to the challenges faced by young parents, but they often serve to further stigmatize pregnant and parenting young people. In response to

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