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I’mInto is an exciting app coming soon that helps foster connection between youth and youth-serving organizations. It does this through a PYD (Positive Youth Development), strengths-based approach. I’mInto is an app designed to connect youth with youth-serving organizations in a safe way. Using I’mInto, youth can take small steps to reach out and connect with organizations for resources and services. If your organization would like to be a part of the app in order to connect and provide resources and or services to youth, we’d love to hear from you. Following are expectations for apps available to connect on the app.

We’re looking for organizations who want to be a part of the app connecting with youth who reach out. If you’re interested, please visit to learn more about the app. Click on “Sign up as a Participating Organization” or visit this link:

Benefits To Your Organization

Being a part of the app provides many benefits to your organization:

  • Targeted outreach to youth ages 9 to 25 who are looking for your services and resources.
  • Easy access for youth to improve the relevance of your programs by better connecting to their interests, needs or goals.
  • Opportunities to reach populations of youth within your area or throughout Colorado
  • Opportunities for ongoing connections with youth

if you’re interested in knowing more about how to be included as an organization in the app that youth can connect with. For any questions, you can email

PS.  For More About the Statewide Youth Development Plan click here

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