Positive Youth Development Principles (PYD)

Positive Youth Development is guided by the following principles:

1. Strengths-based. Taking a holistic approach that focuses on the inherent strengths of an individual, family or community, then building upon them.

2. Inclusive. Addressing the needs of all youth by ensuring that our approach is culturally responsive.

3. Engaging youth as partners. Ensuring the intentional, meaningful and sustained involvement of youth as equitable partners in the programs, practices and policies that seek to impact them.

4. Collaborative. Creating meaningful partnerships within and across sectors to effectively align our work.

5. Sustainable. Addressing long-term planning through funding, training, capacity building, professional development and evaluation in order to ensure ongoing support and engagement of youth.

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3 comments on “Positive Youth Development Principles (PYD)”

  1. Dianne Maroney Reply

    I am so interested in your programs. I am developing a project that helps kids, teens and young adults express themselves and embrace life. I would love to talk to someone there about my project, getting advice and ideas for moving it forward. Please let me know how I can speak to someone at 9 to 25. I am based out of the Denver area.

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