Here are some cool tools for teens



Young Men’s Health and the Center for Young Women’s Health

Children’s Hospital, Boston

Health guides for adolescent males and young men and adolescent females and young women.  Main topic areas covered include nutrition/fitness; sex/health, healthy development and emotional health. 




Nemours Center for Children’s Health

Accurate user friendly health information for teens on the same main topic areas as above plus substance abuse, school and jobs and diseases/conditions and safety. Fun activities including quizzes and ask the expert.
Go Ask Alice


Columbia University

Q & A format. Teens write in his/her own health questions and Alice responds.
Girls Health


U.S. Government

Health information on main topics areas plus safety &environmental health.  Free stuff 
Best Bones Forever


U.S. Government


Encourages girls to get active and choose bone-healthy foods.  Plus quizzes and free stuff


TOOLS 4 TEENS Alcohol and Drugs

The Cool Spot


US Government


Interactive site that targets teens and emphasizes resisting alcohol and peer pressure. Topic areas include:  reality checks, alcohol facts, too much too soon, expectations, peer pressure, the right to resist and real life.
Check Yourself


The Partnership at



Targets older teens to help them determine where they are in terms of their relationship with drugs and consider if this is turning into a problem for them. Includes self- awareness quizzes, interactive games, stories, drug facts and videos
Above the Influence


US Government


Focuses on resisting negative influences. Topic areas include: stress, peers, self-image, relationships, drugs, pop culture and bullying.
Just Think

Us Government


Focuses on drug prevention. Consists of four major sections: Drug facts, Facts from Fiction, Consequences and Teens ask Teens.  Includes fact sheets, videos, links for finding help, etc.


Credit Unions



Personal finance tools including: budget spreadsheets, car buying info, online calculators for loans, savings, and credit card payoff and articles on numerous topics including: choosing a college, finding a job and tracking expenses
Tomorrow’s Money


The National Association of State Treasurers Foundation

Focuses on developing new knowledge and skills got financial management. Practical information is provided about real-life situations so that teens can apply what they’ve learned with the available tools including interactive budgets, worksheets, calculators, etc.

Monster Worldwide

Free online resource to: help students pay for school, by providing scholarship, financial aid information, and information on jobs and internships
Don’t Buy It: Get Media

Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB)

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).)


Site activities are designed to provide users with some of the skills and knowledge needed to question, analyze, interpret and evaluate media messages

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