Protect Planet Earth on Global Youth Service Day

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Is protecting the environment important to you? Five of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are related to environmental issues: SDG #7- Renewable Energy, #12- Responsible Consumption, #13- Climate Change, #14- Life Below Water, and #15- Life on Land. Needless to say, planet Earth needs our love and attention ASAP! Make it your GYSD project with these ideas:

  • Awareness – Educate others about storm water runoff and what they can do about it. Talk with your friends about the quantity of food you throw out and the resulting impact. Decrease plastic waste consumption by encouraging others to use reusable water bottles and tote bags.
  • Service – Organize a coastal clean-up to keep our lakes, rivers, and oceans clean, or organize a “Trash Mob” – a flash mob/race to pick up trash. Host an e-waste recycling drive so that toxic chemicals aren’t released into the environment when people throw away their computers and cell phones.
  • Advocacy – Encourage your local, state, and national public officials to strengthen policies that protect the environment.
  • Philanthropy – Host a fundraiser and donate the proceeds to an organization or charity that focuses on environment initiatives.

Visit the environment cause page on for more ideas, then head over to to pick, plan, post, and promote your project.

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