Regional Partnerships

Through the implementation of the Regional Partnership Plan,
CO9to25 endeavors to actualize our values and achieve the following
  • Increase awareness and understanding of Colorado 9to25 as our state’s youth system which serves to help youth and adults work together to improve the health and well-being of youth across Colorado by improving the programs, practices, and policies.
  • Develop relationships and increase statewide engagement in Colorado 9to25 so that there is greater reach into all corners of the state and channels for two-way communication and influence to flow between CO9to25 and local communities.
  • Increase local adoption and application of CO9to25 framework to support and enhance local youth systems building.

As a strategy to support ongoing engagement with regional partners in local communities, we propose launching a cohort of CO9to25 Community Connectors during the Summer of 2017 to be piloted through Summer of 2018. Community Connectors are individuals in local communities who are deeply involved with collaborative, youth-systems building work in their communities and are willing to use their existing relationships, communication channels, and meetings to connect their local youth systems building efforts with CO9to25.

Community Connectors:

Colorado9to25 (CO9to25) is looking for individuals throughout Colorado with strong connections to collaborative efforts that are focused on improving outcomes for youth and young adults in their communities!
  • Do you want to help ensure all young people ages 9-25 in your community and in Colorado are safe, healthy, educated, connected and contributing?
  • Do you have connections in your community to youth-serving organizations, youth councils, local public agencies, and committees/coalitions/collaborative groups?

The role of a CO9to25 Community Connector is to connect their community to the CO9to25 state youth system. By connecting communities across Colorado to each other and to the statewide youth system, we can create a coordinated, comprehensive youth system in Colorado that supports ALL youth and young adults in Colorado to reach their full potential.  

CO9to25 is supported by the Statewide Youth Development Plan (HB13-1239) so by connecting to CO9to25, your community can join in a unified voice to advocate for youth and young adults in our state and inform to the Colorado State Legislature of needs.

Community Connectors use their existing relationships, communication channels, and meetings with youth, youth-serving partners, and collaborative groups in their community to:

  • identify needs, areas to focus resources, and policies to be developed or changed and share the information with CO9to25 to inform CO9to25 efforts and the CO Statewide Youth Development Plan
  • share information, resources, and opportunities related to CO9to25, youth-systems building, and Positive Youth Development with their community

Community Connectors have opportunities to:

  • Receive resources, training, and technical assistance on youth systems building, systems change, youth engagement, and Positive Youth Development and act as an advocate through promoting and connecting these concepts in their communities.
  • Connect with other collaborative leaders and share learning about local youth-systems building efforts in Colorado communities – likely leading to leveraging resources and sharing learning to make the work of yours and others more effective and efficient.
  • Inform CO9to25 priorities and action plan, particularly related to connecting statewide systems and the development of resources and opportunities that respond to your needs.
  • Influence the CO Statewide Youth Development Plan by sharing local information, data, and gaps with CO9to25.  And, in doing so with other community connectors, thereby creating a unified voice to the Colorado State Legislature.

Community Connectors are expected to:

  • Participate quarterly in a conference call/webinar to learn, share information, and connect with CO9to25 and other Community Connectors (~ 8 hrs/year)
  • Occasionally share information about your community with CO9to25 through written form such as survey, spreadsheet, etc. (~ 4 hrs/yr)
  • Attend convening of CO9to25 Community Connectors at Annual Shared Risk & Protective Factors Conference (~ 3 hrs/yr – more if you attend the entire free conference)
  • Join the CO9to25 Speakers Bureau by becoming a trained Colorado9to25 Spokesperson ( ~ 1-2 hrs)
  • Share CO9to25 resources and opportunities with your network
  • Work with your organization and other organizations in your community to connect systems building at the state and local level and Positive Youth Development to your organizational goals.
  • Help Colorado9to25 explore how to continuously improve the community connectors model across the state over the next year’s pilot program.
  • Optional: contribute to shared learning about local youth-systems building in our state by creating a short article/video/webinar that highlights learning, best practices, keys to success in your community related to collaborative, youth-systems building.