The 3rd Annual Anschutz  Medical Campus Research Day is fast approaching. 

Typeface updates for homepage v2.0

Typeface updates for homepage v2.0

The event will be held at Anschutz Medical Campus on May 21, 2016 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (see the attached flyer for more detail).  The event is free to all attendees!  If interested, participants need to register online at the following website:

The purpose of the AMC Research Day is to expose underrepresented minority attendees to:

1.  Potential careers in the biomedical sciences.

2.  Provide attendees with a “behind the scenes” look into the life of a scientist, physician, or physician-scientist.

3.  Provide attendees with a blueprint of benchmarks they need to achieve at each step of their academic career.

This event has been extremely beneficial to past attendees and we’d like to continue to present the next generation of biomedical scientist with the tools that they’ll need in order for them to accomplish their goals.  Please help us in this regarding by spreading the word to all of your respective organizations, friends, family members, and any other groups that you feel could benefit from attending the Research Day.  Thank you for your time and patience; we look forward to seeing you on the May 21st!


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