Youth Spotlight: Alysh Lynch

Alysh Lynch – Denver School of the Arts

My name is Alysh Lynch, I’m a senior at Denver School of the Arts and a proud member of Colorado 9to25’s GPS Team or Steering Committee. In December of 2012 my boss at Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre Programs, Sam Wood, asked me to attend the first ever Colorado 9 to 25 Retreat. During that eight-hour day we determined how the leadership teams would work and how they would be selected. It was decided that each member of the group both youth and adult, would represent one of the five areas of indicators, mine being health. Since then I have worked closely with Colorado 9to25 to continue with the Steering Committee. Together we put on a Youth Summit, solidified an info graphic and elevator speech, and are in the process of making a webinar.

During all of this work, my mine motivator has been what I see as well-rounded health. Colorado 9to25’s indicators of safe, healthy, connected, educated and contributing are five concepts that have really resonated with me since my involvement in public health. In times of stress I always reflect on my own life and make sure that I am meeting those five standards, making taking on several task easier for me. This conscious decision to be balanced has made such a positive impact on my life.


To other youth who are thinking about getting involved, I couldn’t recommend it more. Not only have I gained a great sense of self awareness, I have gained a great appreciation for the adults I have had the pleasure to work with. Several of my great work relationships have been formed and cemented during my time with Colorado 9to25. It’s a group of adults who are knowledgable in what they do, but also eager to hear what I have to say in regards to whatever we’re working on. This consideration for my opinion paired with friendly and genuine conversation  has made me feel not only more comfortable in the professional world, but has given me something to mimic in my peer to peer interactions. These people have also opened worlds of opportunity for me, including being able to present at a conference for School Based Health Centers with Jaclyn Watson. A personal gain of this level is unparalleled outside the world of public health which I am a part of. I think everyone could benefit from this exposure.


Outside of the Colorado 9to25 meetings, I am very active with my school, my art, and volunteering. At school I’m a member of Students for Gender Equality Club, Jewish Student Connection, and Meditation Club. Additionally, I am the founder and president of my school’s FIDM Fashion Club. I serve my Stagecraft and Design Departments Student Organization as co-president, and stage managed DSA’s fall theatre production,which will be performing at the National Thespian Convention in June.


Outside of school I am on Kaiser Permanente’s Community Health action team and have been since the summer of 2012. Since then we have made an interactive web-based educational resource for Colorado classrooms. Through that I have gained so many new experiences. These include testifying at the Capital for the Universal Breakfast bill, sponsored by Hunger Free Colorado. This past summer, I was able to go to Washington D.C. to present on how community change projects are synonymous with putting on a theatre production.


My major volunteer outlet is Teen Court, a diversion program for juvenile offenders. There I serve as the Student Advisory Board President and a senior attorney. Outside of the court house, I volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, working their walks and events.


In my free time, I enjoy drawing, make jewelry, and designing clothes. I like to hike with my friends and watch movies with my family on the weekends. In June I will be moving to beautiful, sunny Los Angeles to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

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